Tips for Your Induction Ceremony

  1. Have a checklist and use it. Start early. See an example checklist from AATSP-UNY Communications Coordinator Jennifer Cornell here.
  2. Lock in a guest speaker months ahead. Try to ask a person in the community that has some experience with how a language has influenced his or her life. Once your organization is established, you can have your students vote on this speaker. You can also recognize this person with a corsage/boutonniere on the night of the ceremony, and/or present them with a mug or some other gift with the Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica logo on it.
  3. If possible, get a student to play some background guitar music during the quiet points of the induction ceremony. This helps to fill in the silence.
  4. Give yourself at least one month in advance to order pins and certificates for new inductees.
  5. Possible locations for hosting the ceremony include the auditorium, cafeteria, and the library. The library presents a more intimate setting.
  6. Purchase a mother candle and tablecloth to display on the main table.
  7. Rehearse the ceremony with the President and Secretary often. For your first induction ceremony of your new organization, yourself and another teacher can perform the ceremony.