AATSP Poster Contest

2020 AATSP Poster Contest

Special Announcement!

Because of the school closings, the AATSP Poster Contest Committee has decided to extend the deadline of the National Poster Contest until April 17. That means all Upstate-NY chapter submissions must be sent to Brianna Steele by April 5 in order to have enough time to hold our chapter contest and send the winners on.
Email bsteele1@hfcsd.org with questions. Thank you!

Chapter Contest Information and 2020 Theme

Español y Portugués para un mundo multilingüe y multicultural

Espanhol e Português para um mundo multilíngue e multicultural

 Each year the AATSP sponsors the Poster Contest that is open to K–12 Spanish and Portuguese students whose teachers are current AATSP members.  Our Upstate NY Chapter sponsors a chapter-wide contest and will send our top winners to the National Contest. All regulations are the same, except for the deadline.

Please follow these rules carefully to ensure eligibility! Individual entries that bypass an AATSP Chapter Contest will NOT be considered. All posters become the property of the AATSP and will not be returned. With submission of the entry, permission is automatically granted to the AATSP to use the poster or poster image, the school’s name, and the student’s name. Our chapter will also use the winning entries for publicity and recognition purposes.


  1. Sponsoring teachers must be AATSP members whose dues are current for 2020. 
  2. The Spanish and/or Portuguese theme(s) MUST BE included on the poster. (See above.)
  3. Each poster must be the original work of one student; no group entries. 
  4. Posters should measure approximately 12 X 18 inches (but NO LARGER than ½ poster board size). 
  5. Bold colors, clear artwork, and easy-to-read messages are best. Please, no 3D or raised pieces allowed. 
  6. Primary captions and the majority of poster dialogue, text, or writing MUST BE in Spanish or Portuguese, and artwork should represent the Hispanic and/or Luso-Brazilian cultures and Spanish and/or Portuguese languages in a prominent way. 
  7. All posters must be the student’s original, creative artwork, including illustrations, images, or quotations. Depictions of cartoon, video game, movie, television, or theme characters, or recreations of past poster designs do not constitute creativity or originality. ABSOLUTELY NO COPYRIGHTED images, figures, or wording are to be used. AATSP holds no liability for copyright infringement. 
  8. JUDGING CRITERIA: Posters will be judged on their visual impact, overall appealing effect, applicability to the theme, neatness, creativity, and originality. 
  9. Each poster must be accompanied by the “Student Information Form.” Please TAPE form to the back of the poster. 
  10. LIMIT: Each Chapter Contest Coordinator may submit a maximum of THREE (3) posters per category. The four hand-drawn categories are: (1) K–3rd, (2) 4th–5th, (3) 6th–8th, and (4) 9th–12th grades. 
  11. Package posters flat. A full-sized, folded poster board works great. Please DO NOT roll or fold posters. Mail posters first class to your local AATSP Chapter Poster Contest Coordinator. Individual entries that bypass an AATSP Chapter Contest will NOT be considered. Chapter Poster Contest submissions must be RECEIVED by the AATSP National Coordinator by April 1, 2020. 
  12. Teachers of winning students will be notified by the end of May 2020. Winning posters will be displayed on the AATSP website, showcased at the annual conference, and reprinted as necessary. 

Upstate NY Poster Contest Deadline:  March 1, 2020  (We will send the top 3 winners for each category to the National Contest. Upstate NY Chapter winners will be notified by the chapter coordinator and recognized.

COORDINATOR: Brianna Steele

MAILING ADDRESS:  Hudson Falls Middle School, 131 Notre Dame St, Hudson Falls, NY 12839

PHONE: (518) 222-6732            EMAIL: bdingmon@hfcsd.org                  DEADLINE: March 1

****For more information about the Poster Contest, the Digital Poster submission rules and the Student Information Form needed for submitting a poster to the chapter’s contest, please visit https://www.aatsp.org/page/postercontest

Congratulations to the 2019 Poster Contest Winners!

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